Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bits of Fun!, let's a lot of little news...

-Pulpsecret recently showed some love for my Cyborg redesign over on Rooftop HERE
....they also just did an article on the WONDER WOMAN WARDROBE WAR, as did Neatorama!

-My Favorite Top Ten Monsters comic strip/statement may just be appearing in an upcoming issue of Robin Bougie's
Cinema Sewer!

-Not suprisingly, the awful behavior exhibited in my RockBand comic strip from a couple posts back has continued, and I hear that a tent is going up here on campus to show off the game to our student population. I hope no one gets hurt by my office primadonnas starting a mosh pit.

-Speaking of work and our students, we had a bunch of our alums come back to talk about the game they worked on, BLACKSITE AREA 51.
Here's a little movie the guys here at work put together for it, with co-worker Tracy Wiu in our war torn backlot.
Keep an eye out at minute 2:29 for Amy!

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