Monday, November 26, 2007

Wonder Woman's Wondrous Wardrobe War...

Lots of awesome designs were just contributed to a little shindig over at Project:Rooftop!

I chucked one in last minute...

If it looks a little familiar, it's because I cheated and just re-drew my own design from the

To be completely honest, Dean sent me a sneak peek of Daniel Krall's design, and I was like, "crap...I have NO ideas for wonder woman now"....then I saw Ming's design and REALLY REALLY started to give up...
Then Jemma's designs started rolling in, and I'm like seriously not even lifting a pencil now.

I finally gave in for Diana's sake....but MAN, such INCREDIBLE designs were and are flying all over that event!
A couple more that really caught my eye was Joe Quinones (who I just got to meet at SPX), Uloo and Leanne Buckley's!

I'm so honored to be in such a lineup!

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Jon McNally said...

Great details on the costume, Joel. Nice work, dewd. I failed to notice the design re-use, although I readily remember the earlier drawing. So which do I prefer ... ferocity or charm ... ferocity or charm? Oh, you know me, it's all about charm!