Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Elder Thing

Been in a real Lovecraft mood the last couple of months...
Right around Halloween, I drew an Elder Thing from an idealized memory, seen here:

And then, I started remembering different details, so I re-read
"At the Mountains of Madness" , and did up a proper one:

These things have 125 "fingers"!?!
When I first was introduced to Lovecraft's creatures, the Elder Thing always stood out as one of the creepier monsters/aliens/gods...
Many of the monsters of the mythos are either strangely incapable of description, or like abstract geometric "ideas"....the Old Ones/Elder Things were real....almost TOO real in a way.
And they might have just been responsible for us! Our evolution...our development...brrr

Ha...and coincidentally, just read "Alan Moore" and
"Kevin O'Neill's" "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" : The Black Dossier.
As you may or may not know, the League pretty much allows ANY fictional character to co-exist in one awesome comic universe...

Anyway, where else can you find a short story where "Orlando"
(taking a mix of the classic hero and mixing in "Virginia Woolf's" gender-bending version of the character) and
"P.G. Wodehouse's" "Wooster" and "Jeeves" meet up at a lawn party, and then fight an Elder Thing (Moore kind of mixed in some "Fungi from Yuggoth" , with maybe a dash of
"Triffid" ).
Simply awesome.

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David Lee said...

Awesome Elder Thing. Damned good.

El Rey said...

Sweet Elder Thing Joel - although I'm late to the party.
Found your pic when I was working on one of my own:

The Mir said...

you hit on something in your drawing that I wondered about in my reading, it never says how many wings but it suggests between each body segment. A beautiful depiction.