Monday, December 05, 2005



Okay, I spent the entire weekend rerouting passwords and cleaning up multiple files on multiple computers.
Pretty boring, but leaves the mind refreshed in a strange way.

Starting to post art on the various art BBSeses. Already getting good feedback, which, of course makes me wonder why I haven't been posting.

Ahhh....I'll shut's a Spiderman.


chia said...

DUDE!!! these are AWESOME!!! also, i love that ROM drawing you put up at the 101 forum. i'm not too familiar with that character but your drawing is fantastic!

steve said...

These are great! Rom? I grew up with Rom (the robot dude, right?).I'll have to check this out. Hope you post more of your stuff soon.

Dik Pose said...

These are rockin Joel!!! Sweet stuff... love your spidey poses!