Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I saw a link to a Blogger Powered page called the Art Blog Challenge recently.
Not only does it have several Channel 101 fans contributing to it, but I also see a fellow Flight crew member.
Pretty cool!

So, I have a Blogger account, in addition to my LiveJournal and my MySpace thingy.

My initial plan is to "cross-pollinate" all three blogs with the same info, therefore hitting a lot more people than I normally would with just one of my pages.

This will act as more of an update page for my site, which is in dire need of updating.

So, cheerio!


Dik Pose said...

You have a blog, and I found you! HA!

Now lets draw the crap outta these blogs!!! Rock and Roll!!!

chia said...

welcome to the world o blog! and thanks for joining the artblog challenge! i hope you choose to participate.