Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hey, I'm back!

Okay....so, where the hell have I been?

Well, months ago, I lost access to my old email, so all my Blogger info was sort of lost for awhile....I did find it, but honestly....I'd totally forgotten to update this thing.

I started going to the gym fairly regularly and discovered the more I work out, the less I draw.

Here's what's on my plate currently:

- Temporarily putting my "space" project on hold...was recently asked to possibly help out on a space project, and didn't want both running
at the same time.

- Project: Jack is totally at a standstill. No rhyme or reason. If I had the money to attend APE, the pitch would have already been complete. Oy.

- Will shortly begin on preparations for a "Night of Fantasy", as per request from my girlfriend...no, not what you're thinking. One of Aim's New Year Resolutions was to play a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Wait till you kids see what I have planned....heh

- Slowly moving forward with a pilot episode for CHANNEL 101. Due to recent events, this will most likely be completed NEXT month, instead of this month, as I'd hoped.

- My MegaMan/RockMan strip I'd planned to submit the LIFEMETERCOMICS hit a slight snag, in both design and in enthusiasm. I'll update with some art later on this week, maybe. Maybe tonight.

- Have completed several designs intended to contribute to PROJECT ROOFTOP, but just need to color them and make them pretty.

- Angie recently let me borrow an armload of anime, which actually has me thinking of dusting off an older giant robot comic project, now that my space story is temporarily in dry dock. I should run a poll and see what you kids would like to see.

SO, yeah.....that's pretty much what's rolling around in my head right now....there's actually a few other things, but they're secret....for now.
But, yes, Flight Volume 4 is one of those secret things.....damn....wasn't supposed to say that.

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chia said...

Welcome back!!! sounds like you've got alot going on, but at least they all sound fun. I can't wait to check out you 101 pilot!!! and congrats on your return to Flight!! My goal when Flight vol. 2 came out was to get into Flight Vol. 7 but they've probably already started scouting for 7 and i'm still not at Flight level yet.