Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project: AMP

Hey, I posted one character from the little side scroller I was helping some buddies out with last year. Thought I'd post a couple other things from that same project.

Here's the kid I posted awhile back, with the modeling turnaround:

And here's the Player 2 concept and turnaround:

And here's some of the concepts leading up to the designs above...the helmet on the third guy down there is what I really wish they'd gone with, but oh, well...

There were plans for one of the enemies to be a former colleague, and here's an initial idea for that:

This is the basic grunt enemy you'd start off fighting. They would have varying degrees of disrepair and damaged limbs:

And finally, here's one of the weapon/power-ups. I wanted the actual power-up to transform into the weapon, and always loved Shirow's pop-out suitcase machine guns from the Ghost in the Shell manga:

Unfortunately, as of right now, this project has been shelved....I do have some additional enemy concepts, and a whole bunch of funny whiteboard design session notes, but I'll wait until the project starts up again to post additional junk.
That's game design for ya!

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