Tuesday, March 16, 2010


First show of the year!
Megacon went pretty well this season...we had a table in the independent press section instead of our usual artist's alley spaces.
This year I tabled with Nathan Wiedemer and Steven Mangold, Dan Boyd ,and making his Megacon debut Mike Wagganer!

I completely forgot to take any actual con pictures, but fellow art bud, Josh Smeaton took this handy dandy video!

I did take some pics of a few of the commissions I did with my phone!

Here's a character design of Showstopper, a sidekick character of local creator, Michael Breinlinger.

A commission of Dung Beetle, a character from BugShido.
You can see more BugShido at the creator's DeviantArt: gatchagrey.deviantart.com/

And a sketchcard for Dan...you'll be seeing more of this character soon!

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Armando said...

Nice works ~ I like the bug.