Tuesday, November 13, 2007

State of the Onion...

Let's see...what's been up with me?

Got sick last week...just a cold, but it seems to linger to the point between sickness and allergies. I was feeling great last night, but I'm dragging today.

Speaking of last night, I played co-host once again to the Star Wars themed VOICE OF THE REPUBLIC podcast with good buddies Ed and Mike!

We're actually coming up on our one year anniversary, and I'd love for you of the uninitiated to tune in and check it out!
The show is available on iTunes (just search under podcasts for Voice of the Republic), and while thematically based in and around Star Wars, we still manage to find a billion ways to talk about everything else.
"Mature" listeners only. I say mature in parentheses only because if you've heard the show, it's pretty decidedly IMmature, what with the peepee and poopoo jokes a flyin'.
The last few shows have been really, really funny...even more then the average episode.
Check out the Halloween show for sure!

Completed three of the four pages of my BOO 2007 entry for OUCOPO, and had a little bit of page regret...waffling between just redrawing them to be more...I don't know.
I just need to do it and move on.

In other recent news, a Cyborg I'd drawn last February showed up on Project:Rooftop yesterday!
Dean colored him up!

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