Monday, November 12, 2007

Caplock? Captain Amerilock? Capt. Deatherica?'s another pic(s) from the archive...aka...shit I forget to post and stuff.

Months ago, Ron Salas decided to poke fun at the death of Captain American by overlaying the Reign of the Superman story line.
Ron had drawn up Luke Cage filling in as the "Steel" version of Cap (found HERE), with a new "extreme" "Superboy" version as well (found right HERE)

I always loved the Deathlock/Captain America mash-up that Alan Davis had drawn in an issue of Excalibur, so I submit him as the "Cyborg" member of the replacement Superman group!

(Bonus: HERE'S a link to the crappy first version..I tried to Kirby it and just made it look dumb.)

Also thinking of what could fill in as the "Alien" member....keep coming back to Justice/Vance Astrovik, but he's more from the future, right? He does have the shield at one point...

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Cory Allemeier said...

The 'Crappy' one is way cooler!