Monday, August 27, 2007

Impulse/Flash for Project: Rooftop

Dean Trippe had asked me if I was gonna join in on Project:Rooftop's Wieringo Week, doing some costume redesigns on Impulse and the Wally West Flash...
I have to admit that if it were the Barry Allen Flash, I doubt I'd have been able to come up with anything....the silver age Flash is so iconic!

So, I just tackled Impulse aka Bart Allen, Barry Allen's grandson from the future.
I love Mike Wieringo's Impulse design tons, so I really didn't mess with the original kid speedster outfit, except for adding a racing jacket....well, and adding different shoes.
I like designing shoes.
But I really, really wanted to make Impulse's short stint as the actual Flash stand out!
When Bart became Flash, he kind of just got the old suit....I'd much rather he have his own take on the make his mark, you know?
Also made sure the mask was open ala the Kid Flash...if only just a nod that this kid ISN'T the Flash, but part of the same family.

P.S. I really would have wanted to have seen Wieringo take on Impulse nowadays.
Like how would he have designed him now. I miss you, Mike.
Didn't really know you except online, and even then just a little bit, but I still miss you.

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