Wednesday, August 22, 2007

As a modern day fan and purveyor of comics, each of you read the Diamond Distributors publication Previews, right?
Ok...gonna make this tons easier for you...

I have a pal named
Monica Gallagher. She draws comics. Comics that you should read.
She also recently has solicited the collection of her story,
Gods & Undergrads, in the Previews comics ordering manual!
Her solicitation for this fine book is on page 332 in the August 07 issue.

Here. I'll make it easier still!

A:You can either order the book directly from her at her site HERE!
B:You can order it this month via Previews at your local comic book shoppe!
C:Order G&U directly from her AND ask your local store to carry it!

I'm personally doing C, with the added bonus of telling all my friends about it, too!

You can also be Myspace friends with the G&U comic HERE!

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