Tuesday, June 19, 2007

News Report From the WORLD OF WARCRAFT

This just in....

This is Tuesday, AKA Patch Day, normally when WOW dorks get a one day vacation while Blizzard shuts down the game servers for much needed maintenence.

After several hundred thousand of us downloaded the new patch, we all got online to scope out the new Player-vs.-Player Arena Season 2 Gear.

And apparently, we all tried to fit into the same hut to check them out.

The screenshot above was taken by a co-worker, who tried finding the merchant offering the new gear. He's a little green goblin somewhere in that mess.

I showed up fifteen minutes later....the Flight Point was so bogged down, about fifty players all hung in a holding pattern while the server figured out where to put us.

Here's a shot of when I arrived, corpses and skeletons already piling up....avid pvp'ers taking advantage of the tight quarters to "gank" (or unecessarily assassinate) other players hanging out.

Pretty funny. Had trouble logging out.
I wish I hadn't left my character in that town...hahahaha.

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