Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Fantastic Four Casting.....BLAGH

Okay...I have to say right off that I have not seen either of the FF movies.

But this bugged me, so I thought I'd throw this out there...

I hate the casting for these FF movies.
Sure the guy who plays Dr. Doom has an evil face, so I guess that's cool, but he's not really the Doc Doom from the comics, right?
He's some jilted fiancee/ former boss of these guys from what I'd heard....

Chikis looks retarded in that make-up, and with the amazing digital characters running around nowadays like Davey Jones and the fricken Silver Surfer himself, there's just no reason to make someone sit in a makeup chair that long for something that looks that bad.

Mr. Fantastic is a complete nobody. Oh, wait....he played Indiana Jones' dad in a flashback for like three seconds.
Throw us all a bone and give the dude grey at LEAST he still doesn't look like the kid playing the Torch.

Speaking of, this kid doesn't seem too bad. But, if the Human Torch had blonde hair, he woulnd't look so much like stretcho...
I'll come back to my Human Torch gripe in a second.

Jessica Alba.
Sure, she's cute. But she doesn't look like someone I'd cast as Sue Storm.
Especially when you see that they've bleached her hair super blonde and given her blue contacts.
Someone mentioned that with all that on she looks like one of the Wayans bros. in White Chicks.
Mean, but kinda true.

Anyway, my beef is that Alba looks NOTHING like the dude who's supposed to be playing her brother.
Instead of totally changing her to look like a blonde-haired, blue-eyed chick, why didn't they just lighten her hair a little and actually hired her REAL BROTHER WHO IS ALSO AN ACTOR, Josh Alba?
Seems a lot more feasible....and I think it'd be neat to have a partially latino FF team!
I just don't know what Alba is supposed to looks like someone trying to dress up like her, you know?

Well, on top of that, why don't we just dodge ALL that and just hire Kim from 24?

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