Monday, March 05, 2007

Who Am I? Where Am I Going?

Hello, fellow intards!
It's been awhile since I'd clocked in, so here's a handy dandy guide to catch you up on who I am!
I never update this blog, as I never know who is actually checking it out. I should do more with it, since actually has a link to it on their front page. I'm right above John Kricfalusi on the list.

I am Joel Carroll. I draw occasionally and teach youngsters how to make mass murder simulation software!
I dabble in comics, and enjoy drawing girls and robots. My "fans" alternately wonder if I'm truly alive or actually another artist's side hobby personality.
In addition to this venerable Blogger, I also have:
-A MySpace page. This should not be confused with my OLD MySpace, which I have no control over. If you're friends with the latter, dump him and friend me, the former.

-A ComicSpace account. Again, haven't done much with it. I'm a bad internetter.
Was hoping to get a lot of stuff done this week, but discovered that the trip to San Francisco I was to attend is a week closer than I'd thought.
So, I will be in SF for most of this week.

I will NOT be in attendance tonight for the oft-discussed Star Wars based podcast called the VOICE OF THE REPUBLIC.
You may receive updates for this podcast either on the MySpace or on our handy LiveJournal page.

I will also be missing the weekly sketch night I helped organize this Thursday night.
The group goes under the name SketchSouth, and clicking on the link will take you to our LJ community.
More info on Sketchsouth is coming soon, and I'll drop some occasional science right here on my blog about it.
Most likely, I used the "dropping science" terminology wrong, but don't hate.
I'm trying to be hep, like the kids and their ya-ya music.
CalamityJon Morris had suggested a meme concerning the supplies we artists use...
So, I present my crap:

At the top, we have our 99cent carryall, which whisks my art supplies to safety at the first hint of wormsign.
From the left, I have my cheapy mechanical pencil, then my even cheaper mechanical pencil.
Next is my treasured "naked" non-painted natural pencil...I used these during my entire six year stint in the video games industry. I thought them extinct, but Nathan hooked me up with a box!

Above the assorted Sakura Micron pens is my kneaded eraser. As for the Microns, I usually use an 01, or a 005 and then go in with the brush pen (pictured far right).
Beside the Microns is a cool crow quill pen...I've never really used crow quills, so I'm teaching myself how to use one slowly....with training wheels.
And as mentioned before, on the far right is the Pentel Brushpen.
For years, I'd emulated a brush look with my pens.
That was retarded.
I finally jumped to using a brush, albeit a brushPEN, and love it. I wonder now why I was so chicken to use brushes ages ago. However, THIS particular pen is kind of stinky.
Something's up with it, and I'm trying to figure out what. Can't seem to get a consistant ink flow and consistency.

Beneath it all is the orangey poo-brown $5 bound sketchbook I bought at Border's.
I don't especially "like" it, but I feel obligated to fill it.

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