Monday, September 18, 2006

Big Time Fun Hey

Hey, kids....daaamn.
I totally let a month or two get out from under me....

What have I been up to? Unfortunately, not drawing much...well, I am, but nothing of the personal sort.
I'll get to that in a minute...
Got slammed with a bunch of real life stuff.

Awhile back, I and several (forty households) were subpoena'd by a bored neighbor, who also happens to be a retired lawyer.
She attempted to make a old school twisty-moustasche-villain move by trying to gain ownership of a land easement that allows me to say my property has "lake access".
This "lake access" is actually a sidewalk between two neighbors house that leads down to a dock on nearby Bass Lake.
So, not only did I have to team up with neighbors to get a lawyer to represent us, it also turned out there was and is no official homeowner's association that would govern the practical aspects of this easement.
So, several neighbors teamed up again to form the association, which would be cheaper if more neighbors pooled in with us.
In other real life news, got a lot of home improvements going on like removal of limbs (on trees), hedge removal, a new fence getting put in, a shower getting fixed, ect.
Gets expensive but it's so nice when it gets done!

Because of recent financial projects and obligations, I will not be able to attend the Small Press Expo this October.
I do have big plans for the local Megacon early next year, so stay tuned!

Online friend and horror writer extraordinaire DAVE WELLINGTON'S second book, MONSTER NATION is available!
Buy it on Amazon HERE!
I completed four new illustrations for an exclusive online chapbook for MONSTER NATION, just as I did for the first book, MONSTER ISLAND.
I'll update you on how to get the chapbook soon!
You might ask why you'd want to buy a book you can read online, and I'll tell you the novels have added chapters! New exclusive stuff!
You, of course, will also HAVE to head over and read Dave's take on the vampire legend in 13 BULLETS and the new novel-in-progress FROSTBITE!

I'll fill you in later, but I'm doing some drawings and stuff for an MTV show....
Got some Flight news, but I'll save it for later this week!

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