Monday, May 01, 2006


Okay....didn't mean to go this long without updating...

The good news is that I scanned a bunch of crap, so I have material for updates all week!

Okay, first up: Alternate Earth Butterfly for DEAN TRIPPE


Butterfly is one of few meta-sectids from Hive Earth. Like others of his meta-sectid sub-species, he is capable of separating from the hive mind. Butterfy is also capable of masking his pheromone signature, hiding his identity from others within his creche.
It is unknown how he grew wings, or whether they are technological in nature. His caste markings do not show him as part of a flying familial class, but of a lowly worker species, which would account for genetic disparancies to his fellow crechemates.
It is assumed that species interbreeding would have caused this anomaly.
Fiercely independent, but horribly naive. Enjoys sweets.
Butterfly stands as a beacon of independence in the face of a hive that would see him destroyed.

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