Thursday, April 13, 2006

Smatterings of news...

I will present my news today in the manner of our modern day newcasts...I will present a serious topic, something weird, and something stupid.

WOMEN IN COMICS EMPOWERMENT FUND: The Friends of Lulu have set up a paypal account in order to support the FOL Empowerment Fund. Information on the creation of this fund lies in this Buzzscope article. Another great article from awhile back can be found HERE, and with fellow Flight gals doing up some accompanying illustrations...
The fund is still in it's infancy, and things are still being worked out, but I sent them some cash this morning for initial support.
All sorts of opinions on the issue, the fund itself, and plenty of "guy/girl on the street" takes on the subject can be found on the always informative, always entertaining When Fangirls Attack weblog.

UKELELE COINCIDENCES: Last night, for some reason, I started messing with my ukelele. Let me back up...I have a Polynesian/Hawaiian styled bathroom, and we put a ukelele in there on the towel-rack.
So, yeah....anyway, last night...after an oddly-timed three hour nap, I tried playing it, but since I only know how to play bass, I played it like a bass.
That ukelele has sat in my bathroom for nearly two years. I've never strummed it before.
Not even when I'm sitting on the toilet right beside it.
Here's where the coincidences kick in:
1. My newly Myspaced friend, Mortimer, also plays the ukelele in his band. I never knew this about Mort, and am frankly surprised, since being in public freaks him out, much less performing in public.
2. At APE (the Alternative Press Expo), Neil Babra was seen HERE playing the ukelele.

I saw the pic of Neil on Jen Wang's LJ page, which spurred on two incredible links of ukelele playing which you can view HERE and HERE.

All of these ukelele events like unfurled last night. Weird, huh?

VERITECH FIGHTER PURCHASED: Last Friday, I came across a surprisingly good deal and purchased my first Macross Valkyrie.
I'd never owned a Jetfire as a kid (being one of the only ways you could purchase a Valkyrie, unless you lived in a city with a robust import market). Outside of an occasional model kit, I just had no access to one.
I have this mental list of toys I would have loved as a child, but had no access to, and I can now scratch this one off the list.

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