Monday, April 03, 2006


Not feeling so hot lately.
Got back from San Jose and treid getting back up to speed and caught a cold. Got better, then hit with allergies all weekend.
(I actually have been relatively allergy free this year so far! I thought I'd made it...)
Now, I've got a wicked cough and feeling run down, so it feels like another(!?!) cold ramping up.
So, I'm trying to fight it, but just feel useless and worthless, ect. Blah, blah, blah.

Was feeling like a right lump all last week. Had a little discussion with Ed about how I kind of feel largely "ignored" by a portion of my online acquaintences and it's no one's fault, really. We're all busy, and these online relationships are transitory at best, but I don't know.

So, anyway, not that any of that crap is what you're here to check out...I'm just ranting a little.
You come here for the visual entertainment, right?
Well, I havne't really been drawing much, but I DID fool around with FLIPBOOK a bit last week, and here's three little animations I sketched out.

Note that I've NEVER animated before, so I'm actually surprised they turned out as legible as they did!
Bannister seems to think I have "it", and that I ought to move over and start using Flash...




Well, I think Flipbook is down for the next couple of days....convenient, huh?


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chia said...

WOW! You really got a thing for effects animation! You definately need to get into Flash. And seeing how that Flipbook site was created with Flash should show just how powerful of a program it is. But first things first, get some rest and I hope you get over that cold relapse soon!