Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Odds and Ends: Links you can't live without....

Here's a bunch of stuff you should be checking out, in case you hadn't already....

As I'd mentioned earlier this month, you may now see ROB SCHRAB'S video for Death Cab For Cutie's CROOKED TEETH on their SITE.
Loads of online friends like Jeff Crocker, Abed Gheith, Sevan Najarian, and Todd Bishop from Channel 101 helped Rob out with it.
It is BEYOND awesome. GO THERE NOW.
It will be up until March 19th. HURRY.

Available just yesterday, Justin just hit the racks, and I have to say it's incredibly fun. If you MUST buy a comic book this week, make it this one!
Written by SCOTT KURTZ and AARON WILLIAMS and amazingly rendered by fellow Flight alum GIUSEPPE FERRARIO, Justin is a really cool, funny, superheroey throwback to the 80's television we all grew up with.
Head over to the TRUTH, JUSTIN, AND THE AMERICAN WAY site and look at all the fun stuff they have over there! A theme song!
Fun fact: I actually tried out for this book...but I'm so glad the went with Giuseppe, because his work on this book is just amazing!

I keep meaning to plug this incredible DVD that I picked up last month. Dan Lund and Tony West's documentary, DREAM ON, SILLY DREAMER chronicles the downfall of Disney's 2D Feature Animation Dept. through the eyes of the actual animators. Filmed shortly after everyone was let go, the film captures quite possibly the last spark of magic from Disney Burbank.
You should buy it, too. GO HERE

Well, it was supposed to be out this week and was hoping it would be at my comic store already, but everyone should be keeping their eyes peeled for HOPE LARSON'S latest graphic novel!
Buy Gray Horses on Amazon HERE

And that's it for fun links today. Sorry there's been no art updates.
I'm gearing up for the Games Developer's Conference in San Jose next week, so I'm kind of pinging around like an idiot.
I have drawn lots of fun stuff to share at a later date, though....

In other fun news, I now have added THREE new astromech droids to my collection, now bringing me up to fifteen unique droids!
I know you're excited...
Here they are: R4-G9, R4-P17, and R3-A2

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chia said...

Good stuff! I LOVED the crooked teeth video! I hope it gets some airtime. That comic looks cool too. Man, I didn't even know Dreamers was on dvd, I have to go pick that up.
Have you ever met Israel Sanchez from Flight2? He has some great Star Wars models that he did custom paint jobs on to make them look like they're camoflaged or graffittied or like a hot rod etc.
He had them at comic con last year, very cool stuff!