Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ed put together a local SKETCHCRAWL (inspired by the incredible sketchcrawls started by Enrico Casarosa) for today.
I slept in after a humongous Saturday: Aim and I had a quick lunch (Beefy King, natch) after working out and went out to Disney like ALL day and then met friends for dinner later that evening.
Disney was so packed with Spring Breakers, we ended up just walking around the Magic Kingdom for two hours, then hopped a monorail to Epcot and walked around for three. We actually rode next to nothing.
We sat down at a bench for a minute and cracked up to discover despite a fifty foot wide sidewalk, people still walked close enough to the sides to bump our feet. WTF. All that room...
Disney is actually amazing for human study...I can't even recall the number of times Aim and I have walked right by gigantic lines into the park, because people simply line up behind people, instead of noticing that other viable lanes are open.

Anyway, so I slept in a tad, ran to the gym and totally thought I was running late for the lunch before the crawl. So, I just headed to the park and started to draw, thinking that everyone would show up in a couple of minutes.
Saw that Park Avenue was gearing up for a St. Patty's celebration, so I quickly called Ed to make sure they had found parking and found I was actually on time!
So, I walked down to Dexter's, and was feeling kind of oogy a little before. Started having weird cold sweats so I excused myself from the table to splash some water on my face...totally walked into the ladie's room and freaked out some poor girl that thought she was in the wrong bathroom. Heh.

We got down the park around 1:30 and we all were instantly distracted by the loud as hell, but strangely fascinating parade that was going on.
Go check out the Sketchsouth LJ page HERE to see some of Ed's pics of the various ninja, shriner, genies, sheiks, and klingons that made up this crack rock collection of a St. Patrick's parade...

Was still getting the weird sweats and dizziness, so I cut out around 3:30...
Here's three of the brush landscapes I doodled while out there:

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