Thursday, September 10, 2009


Back in college, around 1994, Ed found a really cool robot with removable armor and a gun that folded up into a huge suitcase....always wanted one for myself but the local store had sold out...
So, I coveted.
For years.


A joint here in town happened to have a stack of them...FOR $5 EACH!!!
Needless to say, I've gone bonkers for these guys all over again!

Here in the states, they were known as Power Force (Zero-Section Armed Police).
In Japan, from 1988-1989, they were known as the live action show Cyber Police Cyberbots (Zero-Section Armed Constable)!!
From left to right is Mars Bit, Jupiter Bit, Saturn Bit, and Mercury Bit.
There's actually one more anti-hero turned mentor for the team, but I'm going to save that bad-ass for another post!
I took tons more pics, but due to crappy lighting, I need to retake a bunch of them...

Here's the awesome opening for the show!

Youtube has a huge number of episodes...but they're in portuguese, I think.
The shitty/awesome video special effects make it totally worth your time!

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Armando said...

I learned one thing from that video:

1) Who needs stairs or fence gates when you can simply jump over.

...that ending was Xtr33m!