Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asohka Tano

It's Asohka...drawn probably how she "should" be drawn...from the Clone Wars tv show.

I've seen many, many people talk about what a pain she is to draw, and from a design standpoint, she's just a mess.
So, I thought I'd take a stab. Not that I'm an expert or anything, but shit...

The eager padawan of Anakin Skywalker ( I know, I know...from the perspective of the movies, there was no indication that the emo retard could handle anything beyond his own stiff, shit-ass acting with half-assed motivations. But I digress.) is "apparently" a Togrutan, the same race as Shaak Ti...an actually decently designed alien Jedi from the Prequel films.

But, she really has no qualities that make a Togrutan cool....the horns and lekku tentacles are shortened, presumably to show youth, but to me it looked half ass.
So, I lengthened both, and kept her skin colorations and horn/lekku patterning.
Shaak Ti's eyes were all black, with a Karen Traviss book mentioning these folk are like predators on their home planet...I don't give a shit abotu any of that...the all black eyes look awesome. So, I changed them.
Looks to me like they really just wanted a human, but felt they HAD to put an alien in there to seem spacey...but then they didn't commit.

Same with the forehead ornamentation...in the tv show model, what IS that shit? It's just crap up on her head..is it attached? Who knows.
I made it a little more clear on what it's supposed to be. TO be real, I'm just guessing, but shit...anything is better than what they've done in the original model.

The outfit she wears? Seriously. That tube top?
I'll concede the "cute" point and leave her legs unclothed, but she's got to rock more of the robe look.

Now, about her "sassiness". I hate it. It's cloying, annoying, and trite.
Nothing original or anything that challenges the genre.

I had an idea that when she's hanging around Obi-Wan, she's all obedient and respectful, and when she gets Anakin alone, she's a risk-taking wingnut...gives you the impression that Yoda was trying to give the "dark knight" Anakin a "robin"...know what I mean?

But then, when they're back at the base, Obi-Wan has no clue how this little angel has messed up anything. So, you get a little cool interplay between all three main characters.

One could argue that the two sides of Asohka could be confusing to kids, but then, I guess they don't get that our hero is going to be Darth Vader in another year or two in continuity.
Not to mention that my Asohka idea was based on Hannah Montana, and everyone knows little girls hate that shit and wouldn't spend a dime on anything like that, right?

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