Thursday, July 16, 2009



Armando said...

I think everyone should too. Galactus rocks!

Armando said...

To get the Colors! playback file, just go to:

At the end of the page you'll see:

ColorsDraw - A Colors! Java repainter

Download: ColorsDraw_1_1 by Ben Jaques

In the Java App you can load the Colors! draw file (.drw) which you can export into an .AVI (OF GIGANTIC PROPORTIONS). You'll get some options to adjust the length of the file like "brush strokes per frame" and "frames per second". After you get it to a length of your liking you can export it.

Then take the resulting .AVI and use Quicktime Pro ($29.99 at the Apple store, money well spent)and export (compress) it as an MP4. Now you have something you can post on-line. Cheers!