Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Star War Sketch Card TEAM-UP!

I love finding out when people actually pull my sketchcards from a pack...like out in the wild.

I have had a couple buddies get my cards on Ebay, and that's always weird.
Seeing a card I drew months ago, and thinking about all the hands it had passed through getting packaged, packed, distributed, bought, re-bought, opened, found, and then I get to see it again in person.
It's crazy cool!

Like I found out Grant Gould had pulled one of my cards from a complementary Star Wars Galaxy box!
He found Yoda's Lightsaber, and I've been trying to bug him to take a picture with the card.
I'd love to have pics of ALL the people who have pulled or owned my cards....it's just so cool finding out where each has landed, lottery style, all over.

Anyway, to add to the above, fellow artist,Brent Schoonover, not only drew Star Wars Galaxy sketchcards, but he knows and live near Grant, as well.
AND he ALSO pulled one of my sketchcards...this time of Evan Piell (who I thought was a woman), the third string Jedi Master from the first prequel.

Brent had asked if I wanted the card back to sell, and I'm all kinda, "you found it, you own it".
Brent colored it up, and it's on Ebay now! CLICK HERE


An awesome after-market teamup!

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