Thursday, March 26, 2009

Batman 2.0

The Batman 2.0 event just rolled out for Project: Rooftop.
Two out of the four ideas I'd doodled up were presented, and I thought I'd post my junk up here with a little of my thought process.

First off, you can't "replace" Batman. Put any of his former sidekicks in the cowl, and that doesn't make them Batman.
I'd have thought that no one filling the boots would ever want to give the criminal element the idea that Bats was gone for good, you know?

So, I thought that four of his protege would step up to fill the hole left by Bruce.
Not one person replacing him. ALL of them working in tandem. In shifts.
24-7 Bats.

First up is Tim. I see him being the most reverent with the outfit, but he'd still leave his mark.
In this case, his signature red. Tim is not Bruce, and he wants people to know that.

Next up is Cass. I really don't know much about her, but I know that Bruce seemed to trust her early on. I personally thought it'd be funny to give her a slightly more proper ninja-esque mask.
Anything better than the retarded stitched thing.

Dick would most likely be the most hesitant. He's been doing his own thing for way too long.
Bruce would spend time taking out the drug distributor...the big guy. Dick doesn't stop. He goes for the junkie on up, destroying the drug distributor's network, and rendering the system powerless.
He's gone too long without a cape to start wearing one now. Same with neck protection.
Most of the people he's beating on won't remember enough of the outfit to care....they'll see bat ears, a yellow bat, and fists.

Last is Jason. I hate that he's back.
It diminishes the original loss.
But, ANYWAY....Jason is the equivalent of "The Wire"....acting as the inside man.
Busting up criminal groups from the inside. I don't imagine him really needing an outfit, but hey, it's comics...
I just wanted to make him NOT look like Hitman.

So...there you go. That's how I'd have done it.
But take it all with a grain of salt...hahaha...I'm far from the biggest bat-fan.
This is just what made sense to me...

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