Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Odds and Ends...

Let's see...been sick almost nonstop the last couple weeks...one of those deals where I got other people sick, I got better and then caught it from them again or something.
Got a bunch of commissions in right when I was ready to tackle a comic, so I gotta juggle some stuff around.
But here's some fun news/links:

- Happy birthday to Katie Cook!
(I have about a billion friends with b-days this month, but Katie's is today)

- Ordered Robin Bougie's Cinema Sewer trade paperback collection of the awesome film-perv fanzine of the same name! And Robin just posted the awesome sketch he did in the front of it! ( Click here for slightly NSFW post-apocalyptic nekkidness! )

Cinema Sewer is HANDS DOWN the most awesome collection of unique B to D-list exploitation/porn/sci-fi movie reviews, art, editorials, ect. hand-crafted by the Bougieman himself...the weirdo even does all the lettering BY HAND.
My little "Favorite Monsters" even appeared in the 21st issue!

- Speaking of Robin...his wife, Rebecca Dart just posted an AWESOME story about Drom, the Squat on the Illyham site!

- Speaking of fantasy, you guys HAVE to see the awful/awesome fantasy nightmare/extravaganza that is the Shine On Me music video from musician Chris Dane Owens.
Of course, I'm really digging the song now...hahaha.
You decide whether you won or lost that saving throw.
Oh, and please blame Grant Gould
for providing me with the link!

- Everyone's been buzzing about the Ghostbusters game trailer.
While I dig the actual Ghostbuster caricature models, and getting the guys to do the voices, I'm finding the mo-cap really distracting.
All the effects look like the movie, but there's something about the environment...doesn't look like a competitive "next gen" product...know what I mean?

- Last but not least, the VOICE OF THE REPUBLIC is NOT dead. Go check out the latest episode on Talkshoe and is available on iTunes!
And you can join us over on the VORUM
, the official Voice of the Republic forum BBS!

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