Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smatterings of doodles.....fantasy-like.

So, there's been some Illyham action going around lately, and while I hadn't really had the time to really dip into a fantasy narrative, I doodled up a little thief guy:

I had some ideas for a short story involving the thief, and saw that Jon Morris had also put forward some pics of some cut-purse rapscallions out there on the webs!

Speaking of fantasy, and by fantasy, I mean Dungeons & Dragons, you might have noticed a bunch of D&D monsters I've been posting lately.
My Aim wants to play D&D, and I want to make it a truly fantastical affair.
Pretty much going to use the original red box rules, and she (and three other adventurers of her choosing) will run through ye olde Keep on the Borderlands module.
That's right...ye olde school. For REALS.

Anyway, as much as I want to get her painting miniatures and whatnot, I thought a little cardboard, cartoony standup might be more fun...
Here's the fighter/warrior I sketched up as a test.
I'll post another pic when I color and print it out.

And, of course, digging out my old D&D crap had me wanting to look through my old
Warhammer 40K book.
So, I also drew up a little cardboard mock-up miniature of a space marine.
As much as I would love to get back in 40K, I just CANNOT afford all the miniatures...
Might be cute to print out an entire army of little cartoon marines and tanks.

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