Friday, September 26, 2008


My Vampirella "re-design" as it recently appeared on the Project:Rooftop site.

Wasn't really sure what to do with her, since I find the entire idea of Vampirella hilarious.
Entire storylines dedicated to what boils down to girly art.
Heck, a former co-worker used to keep his entire collection of Vampirella magazines at work.
He'd claimed that he wanted them nearby, but you could tell he just didn't want his wife to find them. He'd scream to the heavens that they were art, but he treated them like porn.

So, I figured that nowadays, were I to re-design Vampirella, I'd want to cater to the post-gothy club kids, complete with latexy-plastic materials, ruffles and something other than a Betty Page haircut:

I got cracked up that no one has ever seemed to give her a bat shaped bowtie before.
Sure, one could pull the realism card and say that her boobs would fall out, but she's had variations on the same bathing suit for thirty nine years.
The magic about comics and drawing in general is unless the artist DRAWS a neener popping out, it won't. It's better than any costume tape or spirit gum.
And if there's ANY character based more on male fantasy, it's Vampirella.

That aside, I thought about making a spacesuit thing for her....since she's a space vampire, right?

And no, she doesn't have a twin...playing with a couple color variations...

The suit also lends itself to a Batgirl outfit, too...

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