Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Artist Proof Cards! Art for sale!

Just received my 10 artist proof cards for the Marvel Masterpiece 2 set.

What this means is that I have ten blank cards that I can sell myself, instead of watching all my cards sell for tens of dollars on ebay...hahahaha.

Currently I have nine spots open!
The tenth might also free up, if I don't hear from the first "dib".

$100 each for the marvel character of your choosing!

You can contact me here or write me directly at joelrcarroll(AT)gmail(DOT)com!

My MM2 sketch cards I'd completed for the set can be found HERE, in case you hadn't seen it...

I'm also dropping the price of the four batpics from earlier (check a couple entries down).
Two have been spoken for, but the Batpod and the Harvey are now $20 each!

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