Friday, July 25, 2008

Midnight Madness.....of sorts...

I'm going to continue to update my previous post with all the Marvel Masterpiece 2 sketch cards.
I like finding out where they were found!

Also just found that the Clone Wars sketch card set I did stuff for is out now.
Actually out a little early...but I found my first clone on Ebay!

CLONE SOLDIER (1 of 78 troopers) Found in Palm Beach Shores.

The cards weren't supposed to be out until tomorrow, and we're not supposed to show any imagery from our cards, either.
I've even seen a couple of sketch cards from one of my heroes, CALAMITY JON MORRIS sneaking out there.

I kind of just put my Clone cards up on my site for all to see, but I don't think anyone even noticed.
Well, one person did, so I locked the page until tonight at midnight.

Speaking of midnight, me and the co-hosts of the VOICE OF THE REPUBLIC (the BEST gahddamn Star Wars audio podcast out there) will be heading down to the Florida Mall ToysRUs location for their Clone Wars Midnight Madness opening.
Hope to interview many nerds.
While I would hope to see a really retarded display of humanity ala the Cabbage Patch Kids mini-riots, I kind of know that our kind is a lot more docile and tend to bruise easy.

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