Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Love Laugh

Well, it's certainly been a real stinker of a week! And it's only Tuesday!

In my immediate circle of friends, colleagues, and online luminaries, there's been MULTIPLE deaths!
Silver lining? Two incredibly cute babies were born and offset it a tad.

Add to that the stress of slooooowly doodling up sketchcards for the Clone Wars movie trading cards, and I'm already quite goofy! (disclaimer: I love the Star Wars...there's MUCH more painful shit I could have to draw)

So, I am forced to share what has SAVED me the last couple of days...

Kris Straub of Starslip Crisis fame posted this link on his Twitter the other night:


Just two guys sitting around in Magical Brooklyn, rapping and chatting about retarded stuff....then going the extra mile and ANIMATING it.

This one KILLS me:

They remind me a ton of Kris and Scott Kurtz' Blamimations...SO GOOD!

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