Monday, May 05, 2008

Errata Edition 2008

NEWS ITEM Updated the website ( JOELCARROLL.COM ) with recent and not so recent art.
Added a page with all 100 of the
Marvel Masterpiece sketchcards I drew up over the last couple of weeks, as well.

NEWS ITEM Hey! Did you guys know my online STORE is open for business?
Free sketch with every order!

NEWS ITEM Oh! My TOP TEN FAVORITE MONSTERS was featured in the 21st issue of Robin Bougie's CINEMA SEWER!
And yes, I do plan on making more top tens!

NEWS ITEM Recently won third place in the Project:Rooftop's Iron Man Invincible Upgrade contest!
There's some great designs STILL trickling in, so keep your eyes open over on Rooftop!
Here's my re-design case you hadn't seen it.

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