Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Quick Studio Tour...

Shared some pics of my studio (AKA the "Lab" according the the nephews) with some online buddies a couple weeks back.
Thought I'd share here as well...

If you walk in the door and start working clockwise:

Down near the door is a tiki mug full of water for Puss.
Got two big bookshelves with a shorter one in the middle...
Atop the bulletin board are Marvel Minimates. Diecast robots, Gundam, and an Imperial Shuttle sit on top of the taller shelves.

The left shelf has art books and trade paperbacks, the middle shorter one (with the lamp on top) has import art books, video game art books, and RPG stuff along the bottom.
The right shelf has manga, smaller digest trades, and prose books at the bottom....the right shelf also has dolls on the upper shelf, and robots the rest of the way shelf is solely Star Wars astromech droids, like R2-D2.

In the corner are my CD's, running into the DVD rack, which has overflown. Giant monsters like Godzilla, Kreigaffe from Hellboy, and Gamera sit on top of these. Galactus is standing on the CD rack.

Next up is the desk! Underneath, to the left is a TIE fighter pilot helmet hiding a bunch of anime.
The desk has both my work laptop and my eight year old computer.
I have my ancient computer attached to a wide screen Samsung monitor I won at the Game Developer's Conference three years back.
Seems almost a waste to display stuff off of a graphics card that old..hahah

On the desk are two little book shelves, the black one to the left has paper, reference printouts for projects, and the upper shelf holds all my sketchbooks to date since college. On top of that black shelf sits like eighteen Optimus Prime toys.
The tan shelf on the right has sketchbooks and minis, as well as holding a plethora of japanese robot figures, topped off by a gaggle of Star Wars dolls.
Two big Hellboy figures flank my printer/ big scanners' power supply broke and I can't find a replacement plug.

Next to that is my drawing desk, which I actually rarely use.
There's a green towel on top of the boombox on the desk....that's where kitty sleeps.
Then there's 12 boxes of comics that I should get rid of...
Next to the door is a closet so full of boxes of toys, I'm more than a little embarrassed to slide open the doors to show you.

So...there you have it! Any questions and/or concerns?

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