Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Alpha Lanterns?!?

First off, do you kids remember the robotic Green Lantern I drew a couple years back?

Basically, I thought it'd be cool if the Oan Guardians went back and re-tried the Manhunter idea, but this time just make them as part of the actual Green Lantern Corps.
I mean, the rings themselves have sort of a base sentience....I thought it'd be cool.
The big twist on these guys would be the visible lantern battery held within their chest....a direct link back to Oa, you know? A true arm of Guardian peacekeeping.

CLICK HERE to refresh your memory.

Okay, are you back?
About a month ago, Dean had sent me a line to an article about the ALPHA LANTERNS.
A new type of Green Lantern...a seasoned veteran who has an absorbed power battery visibly seen within their chest....oh....and now they're kind of robotic...like a Manhunter.
I brushed it all off as coincidence at first, but now I'm thinking that maybe my visual from way back might have sparked something with someone at DC.....
What do you guys think?

While I got thinking of it, I did a quicky re-do of my RoboGL....removing the accidental giant "X" off it's chest.

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