Thursday, March 06, 2008


Hey, so...if you happen to be in the central florida area this weekend, drop on by the
MEGACON 2008 and come see my ass.
(You can see more than that....I'm just saying...)

That guy on the right is my hetero-lifemate Ed.
I would have cut him out of the picture, but he's already posted this picture on his blog, and I'll most likely have to sit beside him at the show.
Besides, I guess it is funnier that both of us are holding tons of ones.
There actually were hookers rolling around on the floor both in front and behind the table, when the picture was taken.
But they weren't ours.

I got a new book to sell, and I'll have little cute robot stickers, all of which will be available on my site sometime next week.
If you're interested in my "merch", you can give me a hell, yeah.
I'll hook a brother up.
If by "hell, yeah", you mean cash sent by paypal.

Hope to see you there!

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