Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Megacon '08 Wrap-up!

Well, I caught the bug that's been sweeping the nation!
I fought the sickness for a good month, but it got me.

Got some fun links for you from this last weekend, where the O-Town Posse (I can't beleive I just typed that) rocked it hardcore at Megacon 2008.
Let's just forget I write that last sentence altogether, ok?

First off, I drew up an old timey Iron Man for Dan Boyd in his sketchbook.
He was nice enough to pass along a scan!

Good buddy Ed posted a pretty in depth con report over on his blog RIGHT HERE!

Saturday night, a group of us went over to a local mexican joint, and mid-meal suddenly discovered we were surrounded by a mariachi band...
Footage courtesy Mike and Jen Maihack!

And speaking of movies...Here's some footage of Megacon courtesy of Ed filming for our Star Wars based podcast, The Voice of the Republic!
Check out Kim">Kim's cosplay/my Robin design around the 17 second mark!

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