Monday, March 10, 2008

It's a Small World...

Got sidetracked by this:

Calamity Jon Morris had mentioned on his blog about some impending changes to the "It's a Small World After All".
Check it out HERE!

I'm kinda upset as these types of changes absolutely RUINED the Tiki Room here in DisneyWorld Florida. Me and Aim won't even go in it now.

Small World was really like slowly floating through an exhibition of Mary Blair's work.
While adding other Disney characters into the backgrounds and what-not isn't overly evil or anything, I'd hope they at LEAST stick with the style of the ride.

Just got to see a showing of Mary Blair's artwork a couple weeks back while in San Francisco.
Go check it out, if you can!
You only have till next weekend! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

So, with it being truly a "small world", I thought I'd add a little story about one particular ride through the Small World about five years back.

At one point in the ride, you'll pass under a couple of children singing above you.
They're sitting on a ledge right over the door you'll pass under.
Well, one of the kids had a huge tear in his plastic face, opening wider with each lyric.


Was looking up info on the ride after seeing Jon's post this morning.
A site was loading, and I was idly beat boxing while waiting.

My co-worker, Marcus, was apparently impressed with my "technique" and I was awarded honorary status as a black guy.

But the site loaded and the Small World song shot out of my computer, and he took it away.
I don't think we could have timed it better, even with practice.

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