Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever an Iron can.....

Was talking with Daniel Krall the other night about
Project:Rooftop's Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade contest.
He'd shown me what he was working on (awesome, of course), and he'd said I better do one, too.
Dean had already laid down some pressure as well, since I'm kind of a Rooftop pinch hitter.

Well, I'm initially kinda stumped. I've drawn Iron Man, like, a LOT over the last two years.
As seen HERE, HERE, and HERE...actually just realized I've drawn shellhead even way more, split between unscanned crap and exclusive drawings I saved for my little sketchbooks (NOW ON SALE)

Well, through talking to Daniel, i realized that I'd drawn up an Iron Man like two years ago.
I know I'd posted it here....or at least pretty sure, but I figgered I'd dust it off and put it up here again.

Dean had originally thought the black was too harsh, so I present both the original version, and a slightly lighter one.

Now, I just gotta do up a new Iron Man.

I'm lying, I totally drew another one last week.

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