Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hey! It's like 2008!, so...I haven't posted much at all lately.
I wish I could say I have a million projects on my plate....
Well, actually I DO have a million projects on my plate!

I seriously haven't drawn in quite a while.
I DID doodle a little, however.

I drew little things during two meetings....just went in with ink.
They're kinda fun.
They're the type of things I should be doing all the time to improve, without the pesky pencils to make me second guess.

I'll shut up and just show you:

I did the above doodles at the meeting before the holidays, and these came out during the meeting after we got back to work:

I can't see any marked degradation or improvement, but I did seem to draw more coming back!
Got a bunch of stuff I never posted last year, so I'll hook you assholes up!

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Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

Hook us assholes..UP... ??


your drawings are seriously really really nice...biatch !!! :)