Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leeroy Jenkins

Speaking of Warcraft...you kids have most likely heard the story of Leeroy Jenkins, right?

Anyway, last night...I actually found myself alone on the field of battle with
Leeroy himself.
And I demolished him.
Well, he's a Paladin, coated in plate mail armor and forcefields, so it was a prolonged demolishing, but I did eventually win.
Actually managed to help kill him two more times, but he was like part of the crowd, you know?
More of a gang fight.

Fun Fact: Upper Deck made a Warcraft card game with Leeroy featured as a card seen below:

It was drawn by Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe), from
Penny Arcade (who I've met only once in real life, but actually fought him and his character, Dudefella, several times in the Warcraft game) and it was colored by Joe Pekar,a good friend who I used to work with!

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