Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Up for air!

Ha...so, I like totally got back in from SPX over a week ago, then was thrust headfirst into stuff at work, messed my knee up again, and have been drawing at a steady pace!
Wanted to post here, but honestly didn't know where to start!

Got to see tons of old friends at SPX and even traded some of my sketchbooks for stuff.
I have some of the books left, so I'll put together my store soon....within the next two weeks for sure!
Dean Trippe had a mosey through my (real) sketchbook, and found a bunch of stuff I'd never posted online, so keep yer eyes peeled for some new Project:Rooftop entries soon!

Oh, so...at work, we had our advisory board visit recently, so, since the theme for this year's Advisory Committee visit was "Transforming our students", I drew all the members of our board as robots (no, I don't know what they transform into...).
Here's the raw pics...they were used on trading cards, a poster, and plaques given to the board.

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