Monday, October 01, 2007

Orlando Comicon Recap...

Ha...well, the Orlando Comicon (Sept.21-23) went down not this last weekend, but the weekend before.
I'd have updated you last week, but I honestly have no clue where this last week went.

We had TONS of room in our spacious booths, as I was joined by Ed, Nathan, Steven (w/Cristina), Greg, and Ron. You may scan back through the SKETCHSOUTH entries and see what the other kids had to say about the con!

Got my caricature drawn up by the amazing Joe Bluhm!

I did a Catwoman commission for a guy, and took a pic with my phone:

Also drew a Captain America, but forgot to take a pic of it...

The big news is that I'm finally going to put my TWO new sketchbooks online for sale!
I'd run out of the one published earlier this year, so I printed up a second batch...

On the left is the Workbook, featuring a lot of art never seen online!
On the right is the Re:Design sketchbook, showcasing a ton of the costume redesigns from over the last year or so. Re:Design also has a bunch of designs never shown here online!
(Please forgive the totally unintentional Hellboy crotch right in the middle)

I'll be putting them in my Store page on my site within the week, but let me know here if you'd like for me to hold you one right here on the LJ...$5 each! Postpaid!

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