Friday, September 07, 2007

Robin, the girl wonder!

Just got an email from Dean, demanding that I post a female Robin...hahahaha
I'd originally drawn this back in February-March, along with a couple more Batgirls.....just ended up hanging onto them for eventual Project:Rooftop entries or something.

So, I guess this Robin can go to a good use now!
It's not really Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler from a couple years back...I'd never actually read any of the books with her in it, although I was captivated by James Jean's depiction of her.
Plus, I really love the idea of a female Robin (other than Carrie Kelly, which worked for Dark Knight, I guess).

So, anyway...enjoy!

I did draw another female Robin, but it kind of sucked....nothing special...
I can post it if you all were curious. Maybe I'll do another now...see if I have any other ideas.

Dean has a master list of a bunch of female Robins HERE!

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