Monday, June 04, 2007


Welcome to the first Movie Monday!
Where I'll draw a character/prop/whatever from a movie, and give it a spin my way...I guess...ha

For this first one, I've stayed fairly true to the movie design of the Transformer Bumblebee.
I just wanted to see if I could draw him and take out all the wiggly, super-busy, Bionicle looking crap, and get to the design underneath.
I didn't like the weird re-breather type face, so I went with a mix of the old toy and the cartoon for his head.
After it's all said and done.....he's STILL too busy.
And I studied the reference...there's just no way he has enough car bits to make a camaro.
Still kind of cute, though.

I'd actually drawn old school Bumblebee several years back ( found
HERE), if you prefer a more "proper" rendition...

And hey, if you kids have any recommendations for Movie Monday, gimme a shout out....
Would you like modern, newer movies? Or takes on the classics?
I, of course, have full veto Donny Darko, or Harvey the rabbit!

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