Thursday, April 19, 2007

V.I.N.CENT. L.F. 396

Hey...long time no see.
Still got two buttloads of crap to draw, and really hadn't gotten around to it.
So, add liberal amounts of guilt and low self esteem and you can get a me-cake going!

Been semi-preoccupied mentally with The Black know, the late 70s Disney sci-fi movie?
When it hit cable around 2nd grade, I watched it about a million times!
Not a great movie, but I still love it! Waiting on a REAL dvd with actual extras, but in the meantime, Ed picked it up....hope to re-watch it soon...

So, here's Vincent, my favorite robot from the movie!

Want to do up some cartoonier versions soon....

Let's see....drew some fanart of Brian Fukushima's excellent comic Jobgoblin.
I think it might be featured in the back of the newest Jobgoblin mini, soon to be on sale!

Always a ton of fun over on our Voice of the Republic Star Wars themed podcast...
We're also posting more and more over on the Voice LJ community found HERE!
We just had a contest over there, and will be figuring out the winners real soon...
The last few episodes have been pretty funny, even though we barely stayed on topic.
Go, check 'em out and tell us what you think!

Wasn't able to get the cash together to get out to APE this next weekend.
I bought myself THIS to soothe the wound.
I'll see about getting better pics soon!

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