Monday, April 02, 2007

Bits ans Pieces... head's still throbbing with all the air pressure changes and pollen count down here here in sunny, funny Orlando!
I gots just little tidbits of news to share:

Dean Trippe just updated the Project:Rooftop site with some of the recent Powergirls, including one of mine.
Truck on over HERE to check it out!

VOICE OF THE REPUBLIC , the Star Wars themed podcast I contribute to, has a contest going on!
Head over HERE to check it out!

In personal news, I got several anthologies I need to finish up on (read: start on) this month....
If you're interested in seeing the progress, let me know....I'll try and keep you guys in the loop.

Instead of drawing yesterday, I ended up sleeping and playing video games the whole day.
I managed to totally dodge the April Fool's nonsense.
I did play through a good portion of the second Capcom Collection, with Sidearms, Forgotten Worlds, Eco Fighter, and the Capcom question themed Quiz&Dragons!
Old school goodness!
I'm fighting the urge to do up fan art of the games I too much else to do!

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