Monday, March 12, 2007

Ok....rolled back into town early Saturday morning.
Puss got fixed over the week I was gone, and she has a Harry Potter scar on her tumblies.

Went and saw 300 last night. From the previews before the film, I'm anticipating that 2007 is the year of the viking....and I couldn't be more bored!

For those of you that saw 300....really....a goat guy....for those of you who haven't seen it, keep an eye out.

Here's a little imprompto ego-fulfilling interview thing from Dean Trippe :

1. What was your first comic book and what was happening in it?

Hmm...I'm fairly sure it was a Harvey comic, maybe a Hot Stuff story?
Can't remember the story, though.

2. Who are your major artistic influences?

I could go on and on, really. Some standouts would be Masamune Shirow, Mike Mignola, Jeff Jones, Erika Sakurazawa, and a million of my friends...
I try to stay as "original" as I can, without borrowing too much of anyone's least I try to, anyway...

3. Give me an idea of what your average workday is like.

Let's see...get into work around 9-ish. I teach game design, as well as manage an asset team that creates artwork for our student development teams.
So, an average week will have one or two odd presentations from students, an occasional rash of lectures, and countless emails and sit-downs with students...

4. What is your least favorite EVENT comic of the last ten years?

You know, I really haven't really checked out ANY of them....I just kind of glossed over the particulars on wiki or whatever.
For the most part, I just see no need to read any of them since there's little overall coordination, the characters act in ways they never had in the past for added tension/drama, and there's no permanence.
Everything is transitory and ultimately means nothing.

That said, I think that Identity Crisis is the hands down worst of them....not only did it kickstart all the recent crossover crap, but they'd managed to kill a character they ran out of ideas for (blue beetle), and broke up the only heathy heterosexual relationship in the DC universe (ralph/sue dibny).

5. What's your favorite TV show right now?

Aw, man...I really don't watch tv regularly. I watch Lost, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite.
I iTune'd the Sarah Silverman Program for all the online friends that work on it...

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