Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Hope everyone had a great, safe holiday!
Me, Aim, Ed, Erin, and Aim's parents went out on the boat to watch a 360 degree panoramic view of the Orlando fireworks.
I gotta say that the black market here must be fairly strong because all we saw were professional grade blow-em-ups this year.

Earlier in the day, we were witness to an awesome shuttle launch (even though the clouds cut our view a bit)

OH, but I never told you guys about all the stuff we did back on the 3rd!

Grabbed Amy Monday morning and we headed down to the newly moved MOUSE SURPLUS warehouse!
These guys buy and sell TONS of old Disneyworld fixtures, furniture, signage, props, and you name it!
Here's a shot of the warehouse as you come in...and this is only the half of it you can walk through!
To the right is another hundred yards of stacked furniture and god knows what else....

As much as we'd LOVE to have bought a car from Mr.Toad's Wild Ride, we didn't have the two grand OR the space to house one.
Be pretty kickass to drive to work, though...

And after you're done perusing, you just jump on the handy monorail and get whisked right down the Beeline Express to Disney!
(I have no idea who'd want to BUY a monorail car....but it's pretty awesome to see one sitting there!)

A word of warning,'s about a MILLION degrees in that warehouse. I couldn't decide whether to keep looking at cool stuff or just faint.

After that, we grabbed some sushi (but our favorite sushi joint was closed that day....SUCK!), and we headed across town to meet my co-workers for a get-together at BEAT THE BOX!
Some 8-man Halo 2 action was had, and Amy actually beat the entirety of the Fullsail Gaming staff three out of four times!

Then we headed back to Aim's house and swam with the nieces and nephews for two hours....
Got a lot done that day!

I have some more art to post over the next few days or so....I'll try to remember!
Been so busy!
Today at work, we had a half day, but while we were there, we put together arcade cabinets (I'll take pics on Friday)....
Tomorrow, we got a day long staff picnic out at Wikiva Springs....

It's like summer has FINALLY started!

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