Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Update!!

Hey,'s....been awhile.

Let's see, while I was gone, I headed up to North Carolina for a family reunion, was subpoena'd by a neighbor (my entire neighborhood, huh?), and have been juggling a bunch of little projects. usual...

I have plenty of art to share....just sketchbook stuff....I'll start posting them bit by bit, as I scan.

I realize that when people post a LOT of stuff in a blog, most of it gets ignored...
So, I'll put up an awesome news item each day! YAY! Ahem...

My good pal, Bannister(with the super-talented Flora), took a vacation to the Canary Islands recently!
And I just got a postcard yesterday....although, they're back now.

Go look at the awesome sketches and paintings they did HERE and HERE, while on the trip!

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